Over the years, we have had the opportunity to align ourselves with some amazing partners and manufacturers. From the beginning, we have worked closely with JBL speakers, and the Harman family of products. The partnership with Harman has been an integral part of our growth, and has given us access to a wide range of products and brands with expert support from their team in Northridge, CA. In 2015, we became the first company in Colorado to purchase a JBL VTX line array system. This was a big step for us as a company, and allowed us to take on larger shows and a broader range of clients. Nearly 15 years later, our equipment inventory includes multiple product lines from JBL, Martin Aura and ERA lighting, and a variety of Soundcraft consoles. Our ties to Harman remain strong and we have benefited immensely from the professional and personal relationships we have developed over the last decade and a half.

Another major partnership has been with Blizzard Lighting. Again, we were early adopters of the Blizzard product line, and our original lighting purchase was for 12 puck lights. Today, we own well over 100 Blizzard lighting fixtures, and in 2018 we worked with Blizzard to purchase 60 panels of Iris IP3 video walls. The addition of the video walls has been an important part of our growth in recent years, and today we own 120+ panels of Icon IP3 panels which can be seen at events all around the state of Colorado. We are proud to be both Blizzard dealers, and users, but more importantly we are proud to be friends with the owners and much of the staff.

At Kaleidoscope Productions, the partnerships don’t just include the brands that we own and work with. Some of our most important partnerships are with our clients, and in particular the many non-profit organizations that we are proud to work with and support. Through sponsorships and in kind donations, we have been able to support a lot of great institutions in the communities that we work in. Events like the Habitat Vail Valley’s annual Caprenter’s Ball and Walking Mountains Science Center’s Taste of Nature are occasions we look forward to every year. Education Foundation of Eagle County, Speak up Reach Out, Mountain Pride, and the Vail Valley Foundation are all groups we work with that are making a difference around the state. Being able to give back is an important part of our business, and we are thankful for all of the ways in which we have been able to support the organizations that support us.

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